The yard operated by Zephyr Technologies is located in a sheltered and secure area within the North Harbour in the City of Split. Facilities include a deep water dock with along side berthing, extensive machine and workshops, warehouses and open areas and the availability of shore power and other utilities.

Less than a decade ago, Croatian shipbuilding ranked fourth in the world with 69 contracted ships and capacity fully sold stretching out 3 years. Since then and in the lead up to Croatia’s Accession to the European Union, the state owned shipyards have gone through a rationalisation and privatisation phase, which has seen this capacity substantially reduced. Whilst economically these shipyard businesses are suffering, the skills, knowledge, and facilities available in Croatia remain excellent. Abel Yachts operates as a meritocracy, relying on those with the best talent and ability. With this philosophy, it is ideally placed to form local relationships and avail itself of the benefits of the large pool of highly skilled labour and resources.

Zephyr Technologies has been afforded the opportunity to recruit the best craftsmen and workers from the region. We provide yacht construction and refurbishment services without the high fixed costs and flexibility constraints of traditional shipyards. We apply this 3rd Angle approach to bespoke yacht solutions, tenders, furniture, equipment and accessories.
Abel is committed to delivering yachts and yachting products that exceed its clients expectations.

Our facility in Split, Croatia is less than three days cruising from the Cote D’Azur. The first of over 1200 islands is right on our doorstep. This is what makes the Adriatic such a wonderful place to cruise.


Shipyard Location